New freezer trawler to Greenland

In the year 2017 Icelandic company name HB Grandi did contract with Astilleros Armon  in Spain to build a new

freezer trawler that would have the name Þerney RE 1.  HB Grandi had then a freezer trawler that was name Þerney RE 1.  that trawler was sold

to Russia in 2017.

But late in the year 2018, the new trawler that was still being build in Spain sold to Greenland,

And it got the name Ilvileq.  The company in Greenland that is 100% in own by company in Iceland had then a another trawler 

that was name Ilvileq, that tarwler was sold to Russia in 2018.

New Ilvileq came to Reykjavík in Iceland few days ago.

the trawler is 81,8 meters long,  17 meters wide and has pretty big engine om board.  7300 bhp.  and has capacity of 150 tons per day of freezing fish

fish cargo is also big, has room for 1000 tons of frozen fish, and the fish is fillets.

Here are some pic of the new ship. first 3 pics are from Spain but the others are taken by Gísli Reynisson in Reykjavík and Gísli is the owner


Pics from Spain

Pics Gísli reynisson