New Havbara N-74-Ö

This year 2021, have been many new boats and trawlers that have been coming to Norway,

one of the  new boats that have been coming is Havbára N-74-Ö

This boat is own by a company Havbara AS in Norway and Guðmund Rognan is the owner of the company,

The company had before a boat that also had the nema Havbara, and that boat was sold in february 2020, and got

the name Bakkeværing,  but now the boat has the name Lillehavn

New Havbara is 19 meters long and 8 meters wide

the boat is design to fish with gillnet and stampline.

Havbara was built in Viknaslipen in Rörvik in Norway. 

The work started in November 2019 and was finish in mars 2021.  

First fishing trip for Havbara was 26 march 2021 and then the boat came with 2,5 tons in one trip,

Havbara did fish total of 43 tons in marsh in 4 trips,

but now in april 2021 the boat has been pretty good

 in total 320 tons in 17 trips and most 29,8 tons in one trip

and  now Havbara is number 1 of the gillnet boat in Norway that are under 20 meters long

and this is a pretty good start for a  new boat

Havbara Pic Per Rydheim

Havbara on gillnet