New Klævtind N-100-A, has started fishing in Norway

Last hole year we can say that a lot of things has been going on for Glenn Thomas Madsen captein and the owner of the

boat Klævtind in Norway

LAst year ore at 8.january 2023, he was fishing out side Norway Klævtind I N-14-A. 

That boat had Glenn own since 2015.  

 The boat hit a reef and got a hole in the boat

and the boat sank,  all the crew members of  people got rescue

  Glenn decided to continue, and did build a new boat that was build in Skogsöy in Mandal, on the same place as the old boat.

The new Klævtind was in building almost all year 2023, and Glenn and his crew got the new boat in desember 2023.

between this the crew of Glenn and the crew rented the boats Stig Inge to fish the quota that Klævtind has.

But now this year the new Klævtind has started fishing and he started fishing late in January 2024.

And since then, they have been fishing pretty good.  and when this is written, KLævtind N-100-A has caught 365 tons in 

36 trips and most 14,3 tons in one trip.

The new boat is 18.4 meters long and 5,8 meters wide.

the fish cargo hall can hold up to 25 to 30 tons of fish that is written from Iceland wishes Glenn and his crew best luck with the new boat.  and 

it will be nice to see how the boat is doing on the list , but know when this is written the boat is in seat number 4.

Klævtind Pic from Glenn

Klævtind Pic from Glenn