New Nesejenta upside down outside of Denmark.

In Norway there is a fishing company called Varsol Fiskeri AS in Lindesnes and they own a boat called Nesejenta VA-87-LS. that boat is the fourth boat the company has made

out, still all the boats are all named the same name,

The current boat is constructed in 2011 and is 32.55 meters long and 9 meters wide. the boat has mostly been made out of gilnet and line,

the company is constructing a new boat for it, which is 35.2 meters long and 8.7 meters wide and will be named the same name as the other one.

The new boat was constructed in Poland and was then planned to haul it to Hvidesand in Denmark where the boat was to be finished,

the company NH Tiwage in Denmark has pulled many such boats ore hulls from Poland to Denmark and usually it takes about 3 days to pull such 

they sent the tugboat Egesund to tow the boat, even when the boat and the new boat had arrived about 5 miles out of Hanstholm

something happened that the owners of the tugboat can't explain

the new body of the Nesejenta went upside down and is lying there now. this happened on Friday morning,

The owners of the tugboat have no explanation for what happened and don't really want to comment on it,

Now it has been decided to get a big crane boat  called Sanne A and he has to come out to the hull 

and try to lift the hull and put it back to the sea so it can been pull to Hvidesand

It should be noted that now the screw and the main engine have been installed.

Nesejenta Pic Dykkerstaal

Egesund the Townboat.  Pic Peter Aus Holtenau

Sonne A pic Sven Thormod Petersen

Old nesejenta that is build 2011.  Pic Christian B