New Pelagic ship Christian í Grótinu

In The Faroe Islands are not many pelagic, ship, but the pelagic ships that are there are all pretty big and can 

carry up to 2500 to 3000 of herring, capeline, and blue whiting in one trip.

One of these big ships is name Christian í Grótinu. 

The current Christian in Grótið had a very serious failure in the ship's gear just over a year ago

a lot of expensive work was being done to repair the failure and a decision was made to rent

Gitte Henning I from Denmark and that ship has been fishing for herring, blue whiting and mackerel and has done quite well.

Now Rasmussen has the family and the company that own Christian í Grótinu and Norðborg has 

signed a construction contract with Karstensen's shipyard in Denmark

on a construction of a new Christian í Grótinuþ

the new ship will be quite large and large

89.35 meters long and 18 meters wide.

The ship is expected to be delivered in January 2022.

The estimated construction cost is around ISK 6.6 billion

That is about 40,3 million euros

36,2 million pounds

and 428 million norsk kronas

New Christian í Grótinu.  Pic Karstensens shipyard