New troll makes big difference in fishing

In recent years, there has been a lot of changes in the Icelandic fisheries industry, especially during the extensive renovation of the trawlers here in Iceland. This may be said to have started when the freeze trawlers Helga Maria AK and Málmey SK were converted to icefishtrawlers

Fishing of Málmey SK has been pretty good, and by way of example.  In the year 2016 trawler Málmey SK from Sauðárkrókur was with 8551 tons and was the higest of all icefishtrawlers in iceland.  and was, with about 1000 tons more catch than  Björgvin EA who came to seat number 2.

So far this year, the catch at Málmey SK has exceeded six thousand tons and is now  in the third place over the country, considering the catch of the trawlers,

Because trawlers  use troll as their main gear, it matters how important it is.  Company Ísfell ehf that that is the biggest company in Iceland in selling alls kinds of fishing materialsþ  On of the trawl Ísfell is selling is a trawl called Streamline and the crew of Málmey SK, together with Rúnari Kristinsson, Isfell's Operations Manager at Sauðárkrókur, have combined and improved the trawl in the past three years.

The trawl they used on Málmey SK used first came in a trawler of company Síldarvinnsla in Neskaupstað.  . Bjart NK and Barði  NK both trawlers have been sold from Iceland. Following then came Gullver NS, Ljósafell SU, Klakkur SK and Málmey SK. In addition, the trawl also went to Kaldbak EA and the new Björgulf EA. . Then you have ordered a troll in Drangey SK

What kind of trawl is this that has been fishing so well with in Iceland.

Streamline fish troll is installed mostly from the Safir NG Compact net, which is durable and more durable than the traditional green PE net. By using the SNG material as it is called, you can tear down the weakness of the trolley network, reducing the area of ​​the net, which makes the trolley easier to pull.

The headline and other lines  in the trawl are made of Dyneema Duo material, outside of the fishing line that are from chain. . The Dyneema Duo fabric is very durable and abrasion resistant. On the headline there are 9.5 "Hydro Dynamic spikes (golf balls) that are specially produced for Ísfell and Selstad in Norway and have great strength and float power. . In this way you can reduce the balls on the headline, and the movement and flicker on the headline will be minimal, resistance will also be reduced as the balls are fewer if the goal is to use traditional 8 " trawlballs.

since it has been refined in a number of ways, as Rúnar says here below

There are many things that have been done about the Streamline troll and many small changes that aim to level the flow of troughs that reduce resistance and propensity also to reinforce certain parts of it and make it work together.
These include tours in an experimental tank, how lines are installed, how it is convex, how the wheelhouse is installed.  All this has to work together.
This would have been the case if the crew  at Málmey  SK were not interested in this and were not included in the sea and inside the workshop, as the trawl almost remained maintenance free compared to other trolls.

Nobody wants to be endless on the deck fixing the trawl after it had tore down, if it possible to think of good quality of the fish.

Málmey SK-1 has shown that the STR 590 ( Name of the trawl that Málmey SK use )  # is probably the multi-purpose trawl currently being used, STR 590 # takes what it is and is suitable for all types of fish

There are also two sister ships at ÚA and Samherji ( on akureyri, Kaldbakur EA and Björgúlfur EA )  using STR 590 # with excellent results, and Fisk-seafood then takes two STR 590 # on the third sister ship.  ()Málmey SK and on Drangey SK)
The process has taken a long time and we are still in the process with many ideas misguided, but everybody sees the end, we all aim at creating an ideal fishing gear.
Everything is done calmly and we do not change anything just to change and make one change at a time.

We have tryed to find all the benefits of the fishing gear,  draw and customize it for us, it has been successful with STR 590 # and we do not stop improving it
The cost difference between the trolleys is low, the choice of materials and the installation of STR 590 #, which returns immediately and just over the first fishing trip, all comparative figures for the catch and how light it is for the trawler to pull it.

If you want more info about the trawl you can contact these men.

Málmey SK mynd Guðmundur Rafn Guðmundsson

Gullver NS pic Þór Jónsson

Kaldbakur EA pic Guðmundur St Valdimarsson

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