Norma Mary from Hull in huge fishing

December is not a big month for the fishing of the trawlers, because most of the big trawlers stop fishing just before Christmas,

In Norway, there was rely good fishing of cod now in December even if December is short month

for example, Gadus Neptune was 778 tonnes in 3 trips and Havtind with 777 tonnes in three trips

One trawler , however, fished realy much

Norma Mary H-110, owned by Samherji's subsidiary in Akureyri in Iceland, obtained more than 1000 tons in des and is registered in Hull in the UK. although the ship never landed there

In total Norma Mary landed 1126 tonnes in only four trips  or 282 tonnes in landing.

two of these trips were over 300 tonnes each landing.

All the fish  was iced on board and transported for processing. which will be discussed later.

Norma Mary landed alls this  in Hönnigsvog in Norway.

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Norma Mary pic Svanur Þór Valdimarsson

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