Norsk 15+M lineboats. nr.1

List number 1,

In the year 2017 on then they where up to 3 line boats on list with the icelandi autoliners.  

but now Aflafrettir has  some more boats that fish with line in Norway,

this boat are all boat that fish fish Autoline and also stamplines.   and they dont freeze the fish on board

So in this first list Nordbanken is number 1. and this boat is old M-Solhaug, he is fishing with stamplines.  and Valdimar H is autoline

And if you know of more lineboats, both autolines and stamplines that dont freeze the fish, then let aflafrettir know

Nordbanken  Pic sandre Nathaniel Williamsen

Seat before name fishing trips most
Nordbanken F-2-B 121,7 3 45.6
Valdimar H F-185-NK 104,8 2 80.7
Hellskær M-3-F 81,7 6 15.2
Senjaværing T-189-LK 38,9 8 8.2
Ringskjær Nord N-203-F 21,8 2 13.8
Korsnes F-39-BD 19,8 1 19.8
Gerhard Jakobsen N-4-F 1,5 2 1.1