Norsk Pelagic ships. 1.1 million tons

It has been hard to keep a list of Norway's pelagic vessels,

There are also a lot of ships that are fishing in Norway

Herring. mackerel. Kolmuna, Capelin and more,

Now I have 414 boats in my list of all sizes and types,

Now these 414 boats have landed a total of 1.1 million tons of all kinds,

Number one  in Norway is Österbris, which has about 21 thousand tons,

Österbris has 2975 tons of herring

12980 tons of blue whiting

Akeröy has 19357 tonnes

Talbor 15385 tons

Gerda Marie 15133 tons,

Magnarson 15004 tonnes

Birkeland 14934 tonnes

Manon 14912 tonnes

Rav 14635 tons

Fiskeskjer 14611 tonnes.

Österbris Pic Olav H.Östervoid