Norsk ships in good capelin fishing in Iceland

Now in February, the Icelandic pelagic ships that are fishing capelin have have almost nothing been fishing

Meanwhile, the Norwegian ships have been fishing for capelin in Iceland and mostly landing their catch in ports in the eastern part in Iceland.  

Nowadays, the Norwegian shipping has been pretty good

in a one  week they have landed about 28,000 tons

and most landed on 16 February or about 14500 tonnes

All of the catches were landed in Iceland

For example, Heröyhav came with 1140 tonnes

Malene S 1160 tonnes

Strand Senior 1000 tons

Teigenes 1050 tons

M. Ytterstad 1160 tonnes

Today 17 February, some ships have landed catches

Österbris, which brought 1500 tonnes in Neskaupstaður

and Gerda Marie 1520 tonnes to Þórshöfn.

Gerda Marie Pic Bjoern Hansen

Rodholmen Pic Preben Michael Rönn Andersen