Ocean LL-677 from Sweden

Lets take a look at another boat from Sweden

This is boat is pretty old, 

the boat is name Ocean LL-677 and was build in Esbjerg in Denmark in the year 1961.

the boat is 19,06 meters long and 5,56 meters wide

om board the boat is a 370BHP engine

The boat can carry 21,3 tons of fish iin the fish cargo

the boat is now 59 years old and is this time the boat have only had 5 names

First the boat had the name Niels Bech til 1973

Good Will was the name of the boat from 1973 till 1996 ore in 23 years.

Conni Högh was the name from 1996 till 2001

Line Dalgaard fromo the year 2001 til 2008.

the boat have had this name Ocean since 2008.

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Pics Guðmundur.