Ocean Star FR-77 from UK in Norway.

Here on Aflafrettir.com we have been saying news about fishing of the pelagic ship from Norway,  Iceland

and The Faroe Islands,

But in the UK, Ireland and Scotland are also pelagic ships

many of them come to Norway and Denmark with like, Mackerel and blue whiting,

one of them is boat name Ocean Star FR-77.

That ship is 86,8 meters long and was build in Poland 2018.

This ship is 17,6 meters wide

and has home harbor in Fraserburgh in the UK

In Norway this year 2018 the Ocean Star has landed total of 

8021 tons in 4 trips and that is about 2000 tons in each trip

all of that is mackerel, 8000 tons,

Ocean Star Pic Christie Duncan