Olafur F-32-TN

in the year 2006 in Iceland a boat was built that was 11 meter long 15 tons in size

and that boat got the name Auður Vésteins GK

The boat was fishing until it was sold in the year 2015.

Kaptein Ólafur F Einarsson from Iceland bought the boat and moved to Norway with the boat

in Norway the boat got the name Olafur F-32-TN

and the boat was fishing in Norway until it was sold now in autumn 2019.

Boat has now the name Aurora Borealis M-14-K

this year for Olafur F-32-TN

has been pretty good

in total the boat has fish 639 tons.

of that is cod 108 tons.

haddock 221 tons 
and bromse 140 tons

Ólafur Pic svein w pettersen

Auður Vésteins GK pic Pur Bvarsson

Aurora Borelais Pic Andrzej wwwe