Old and new Thor-Arild

In Norway, there are quite a number of oak boats, many of whom have been change out  for new boats, and one of those who went  out was the boat once called Thor-Arild

Old Thor-Arild was sold in 2016 when the new boat arrived.

Old Thor-Arild was constructed in 1986 from oak and was 14.87 meters in length and 5.3 meters wide. measured about 24 tons,

The new Thor-Arild was built in 2015 from aluminum and is 14.95 meters long and 6.5 meters in length

That boat has landed a total of 540 tonnes in 2018, with cod 316 tonnes,

The old boat, on the other hand, is today known as  Vargsundsværing F-33A and has already landed 215 tonnes in 2018.

Now in October, during the last 7 rows, the boat has landed 17.8 tonnes and 5.4 tonnes in one trip as most

Vargsundværing Pic Svein W.Pettersen

Old Thor-Arild to the left and new Thor-Arild to the right  Pic Thor Martin Hansen