Old and new Voyager N-905

A few days ago, a news were written about some Irish and British pelagic vessels that had started fishing for mackerel and land in Norway,

In that news was talk about Voyager N-905

and the first pic that people saw was of  Voyager N-905 which is made from Northern Ireland.

but the picture that appeared was not of the current Voyager N-905, but of the old ship,

The old ship is today called Fiskiskjer M-625-H and is made from Norway.

The new ship was built in Skagen in Denmark in 2017.

Here you can see the comparisons between the ships.

Fiskeskjer M-625-H Voyager N-905
Build 2010 2017
length 75.4 m 86.4 m
Breadth 15.6 M 17.8 M
Tonnage 3145 tonn 4150 tonn
Engine 10200 hp 9800 hp

Voyager N-905 pic Asbjorn Holand

Fiskeskjer Pic Ivan Reid

Here you can see more pics inside of new Voyager

Pic Karstensens.dk