Old Atlantic M-19-A with most value of autoline boats in Norway.

Maybe it is like comparing apples and oranges to comparing the Icelandic line boats that everyone is fishing in ice and land for processing

and to compare them with the Norwegian line boats, at least the big Norwegian line boats, because they are all frozen fish on board,

nevertheless it is interesting to see how they went in 2019,

The highest 4 ships

Atlantic M-19-A had the highest catch value of the line boats in Norway in 2019,

The boat fished a total of 4578 tonnes worth 108,3 million norsk krona, and that is abouat 9,06 million pounds

next behind him was Geir II M-12-H

it had 4362 tonnes for 96,6 million norsk kronas and at that is abouat 8,08 million pounds

number 3 was Veidar M-1-G which had 4536 tonnes worth 88,4 million norsk kronas, and that is about 7,39 million pounds

It is worth mentioning that old Veidar is today called Þórsnes SH in Iceland

Number 4 was Österfjord which had 4087 tonnes worth 88,3 million norsk kronas and and that is abouat 7,38 million pounds.

 New Atlantic

 It can be added that Atlantic that was fishing in the year 2019 has now been sold.  

The old boat was built in 1998 and is 44.8 meters long and 10.5 meters wide

that boat was sold to the Faroe Islands and is now called Jogvan I.

The company has acquired a new Atlantic and is Atlantic M-1-A and is one of the larges autolineboat ever built,

the new boat is 64 meters long and 14 meters wide. measures 2816 tonnes and has a 1950 horsepower main engine

likewise, the boat is so equipped that it can be sailed with electricity

on board the boat is a huge baiting system because the system is Mustad and is 72 thousand hooks

Old Atlantic Pic Magnar Lyngstad

New Atlantic Pic Magnar Lyngstad