One year old boat Havstein M-90-HÖ almost sank

In Norway, there are quite a few boats that could be called regulatory boats,

these boats are usually limited to  11 meters, 13 meters and 15 meters long are usually short, wide and high boats.

Earlier this year boat Fay sank north of Norway and that boat was not old, all the crew members of that boat got rescued

and now a few days ago a brand new boat went ashore in Syltefjord in Norway,

The boat Havstein M-90-HÖ was built and floated in August 2019.

this boat is 12.95 meters long and 5.4 meters wide, the boat is developed and quite high at the front as shown in the pictures below, the boat is made of aluminum.

the boat was built at Barents Solution in Fiská in Vanylven and this is the first boat built at this station in Norway,

The boat was fishing for mackerel and was pumping catch from the net when the crew saw that the boat was getting over,

There was nothing that the crew could do to stop that the boat was getting over.  Not far away from 

Havstein was another boat and that boat saved all of the 4 crew members from Havstein.

The weather was very good in these parts, blank calm and smooth sea. it was decided to get work boats from the company Sandsöy and they towed the boat to a 
lesser depth and then managed to pump out the boat

and turn it over so that it can be retrieved. Havstein was then taken ashore to investigate what happened that caused that the boat went over.

It is not known what happened yet the boat will be investigated to find out what happened.

Below you can see some pictures of the rescue of the boat as well as a picture taken of the boat on land and you can see the hull as well as the boat floating.

Pic Redningsselskapet

Pics Sandsöy

Havstein.  Pic Batents Solution

Havstein Pic Frode Adolfsen