Only 5.min from Norway.

I often say that Aflafrettir readers are   the best

often at times, for example, when I have been missing pictures of boats it has not clicked that I get pictures shortly after the relevant news is published

but this has been mainly by Icelandic readers,  is quite popular in Norway and now for the first time there is a list of the boats there. such as trawlers, line boats and net boats,

just earlier this morning, a list of Norwegian net boats that are less than 14 meters long was published,

and it turned out that a boat called Nordhaug Senior was the top of the list with 46 tonnes of 5 rowing on the nets

it was still very difficult to find a picture of the boat and it went so badly that there was not even a single image of the boat,

and I put out a little line in English that there was no picture of the boat,

but after only  5 minutes i got message from reader of

and in the message was pic of the boat Nordhaug Senior

quite amazing. and yes I keep saying it. Readers of Aflafrettir are great and now Norwegians have joined this great group

It can be added that this boat has been owned by the same shipowner since 1980 and has kept the same name and appearance for 40 years

Best regards from Iceland.  thanks
Gísli R the owner of

Nordhaug Senior Pic stein viggo solhaug