Östkapp TF-336-V new boat, owner only 28 years old

Company Trefjar in Iceland has been making boats for many year that are called Cleopatra.

These cleopatra boats have been sold to many country's in Europe, but mostly to Iceland and Norway.

And one of the newest boat from Trefjar  went now to Norway

the boat is called Östkapp, yet what attracts perhaps the most attention to that boat is the shipowner

His name is Brynjar Eriksen Bangsund and he is only 28 years old.

In Iceland no boats have been build for such a young capteins. 

Since 2019, he had own the  Nordtind and he sold the boat and the boat is name now Baronen TF-105-NK.

The old boat is also build in Iceland, in Akureyri and is called Seigur

Why move from Seigur to a Cleopatra boat?

According to Brynjar, the quality of the boats at Trefjar is very high and good and they design their boats so that

they are very suitable for longline fishing.

Östkapp has a fairly large quota or a total of 866 tons. most of it is haddock 496 tonnes, 338 tonnes of saithe and 32 tonnes of cod

Brynjar has got his boat and is getting it ready for fishing, he will still row from Vardö in Norway.

The purchase price of the boat is around ISK 200 million.

Here is information about the boat.

Brynjar Bangsund, an operator from Vardø, recently received a new Cleopatra 36B baiting machine boat from Bátasmiðjan Trefjar in Hafnarfjörður.

Brynjar himself will be the captain of the boat.

The new boat is called Østkapp. The boat is 10.99 meters long and measures 18 gross tons.

The boat's main engine is a Doosan 4V158 600hp connected to ZF500IV gear. The boat has a 20kw power station.

The boat is equipped with navigation equipment of the type JRC, Olex and Simrad.

The boat is also equipped with hydraulic side propellers at the front and rear that are connected to the boat's autopilot.

The boat is equipped for line fishing with a baiting machine. Line fishing equipment comes from Mustad. Ísvél is from Kælinga ehf.

The boat's train holds 14 660 liter fish baskets.

Lifeboat and other safety equipment of the boat comes from Viking.

There is a large dining room on the bridge and fully equipped cooking facilities on board. Sleeps four in hatches. Toilet with shower.

The boat has arrived in Norway after transport and is expected to start fishing in the next few days.

Östkapp Pic Trefjar.is

Nordkapp old boat

Brynjar owner and captein of the boat