Over 1.million tons in Norway

In Norway there any many pelagic ship 

they are almost to many to have in a one list

so Aflafrettir took all the pelagic ships in Norway and put boats that are over 50 meters long on a new list

and in Norway now are 78 pelagic ship that are over 50 meters long

and these ship have now this year 

landed over 1.million tons,

iin total   1,030,924 tons,

 This is about 13 thousands tons per ship,

in total have this ships landed
 531 thousands tons of blue whiting

144 thousands tons of capelin

309 thousands tons of herring

117 thousands tons of mackerel

 And 5 ships are now over 20.000 tons where Österbris is the higest one

Österbris Pic Ems Photo