over 300.000 tons of cod in Norway.

Now when 8 months of the year 2020 is over then is good to look how much cod the boats and trawlers have landed in Norway.

Now in total have been landed 348.000 tons of cod in Norway.

But some of this cod is not fish by a ship from Norway.

77.300 tons of cod that is landed in Norway is from ship that are not from Norway. and most of that is from 

ships that are from Russia

Here is a list of top 20 ships that have landed cod in Norway and is is intersecting to see tþat on top 3 are trawlers

from Russia

Number one is Mirakh with over 5000 tons of cod

and Kholmogory is number 2 and he was in Iceland before and had the name Þór HF there

also in seat number 20 in Knut Olav, and he is fishing with seine and is there fore not a trawler

seat Name Cod From
1 Mirakh MK-0381 5562 Russia
2 Kholmogory MK-473 4254 Russia
3 Taurus MK-411 4221 Russia
4 Prestfjord N-445-Ö 4121 Norway
5 Mark Liubovskii M-347 3693 Russia
6 Aleksander Maslennikov MK-277 3384 Russia
7 Nordtind N-6-VV 3333 Norway
8 Strelets M-269 3319 Russia
9 Doggi F-14-H 3120 Norway
10 Hermes F-7-L 3050 Norway
11 Langöy N-100-SO 2916 Norway
12 Volstad M-11-A 2849 Norway
13 Havtind N-10-H 2823 Norway
14 Korund M-254 2802 Russia
15 Atlantic Star M-111-G 2666 Norway
16 Sisimiut GR-618 2601 Greenland
17 Melkart M-239 2524 Russia
18 Vesttind N-30-H 2503 Norway
19 Gadus Neptun F-55-BD 2419 Norway
20 Knut Olav N-3-V 2357 Norway

Knut Olav Piv Kjell Tore Sivertsen
Mirakh Pic Juri Glusheyskii