over 4000 tons for Kamilla G. N-50-Ö

In norway there are many boats that are fishing with seine

one of the is Kamilla G N-50-Ö.  

this boat is 37,5 meters long and 9,2 meters wide.

has 1000 bhp engine

and was build 2006.  but rebuild 2009.

This boats has been fishing now this year over 4000 tons of fish

in total of 4203 tons in 109 trips.  that is about 38,6 tons in a trip

the boat has fish 1531 tons of cod

1329 tons of haddock ( ýsa, hyse)

1319 tons of saithe.  ( sei ,   ufsi)

Now in the last 2 weeks the boat has been fishing pretty good

in total the boat has landed 264 tons in just 5 trips.,

most 76,7 tons in one trip.

Most of this 264 tons in saithe ore about 200 tons.

Kamilla G Pic Frode Adolfsen