over 9000 tons of Torsk/Bromse in Norway

Here we look at  how mush boat in Norway have fish of a fish call Bromse in Norsk,

This is Torsk in English  

og á íslensku þetta er Keila,

In total have been landed in Norway this year 9211 tons on torsk/bromse in Norway,

most of that is fish by a autoline boats and boat that fish with line and stamplines

as can been seen here on the list all the boats that are on the list are autoline boats,

What is most interesting is that we have boat that is name Vassana F-3-TN and this boat is only 12,3 meters long

This is a boat that was in Iceland and is a Cleopatra boat, many cleopatra boats are in Norway and many other countrys in Europe

Cleopatra boats are build in Iceland,

Also we have boats that name is Einar and Ólafur II, both of these boats are also build in Iceland and are also Cleopatra boats

but biggers, ore 14,99 meters long and boat are about 30 tons in sieze

But on the top is Koralhav M-406-H with 616 tons 

only 5 boats have fish over 400 tons of torsk/bromse  in Norway this year

Name FISKING Fishing gear
1 Koralhav M-406-H 616.1 Autoliine
2 Fröyanes Junior SF-4-S 522.1 Autoliine
3 Veststeinen SF-20-B 431.4 Autoliine
4 Seir M—104-H 421.9 Autoliine
5 Fjellmöy SF-90-S 412.2 Autoliine
6 Vestliner SF-15-S 352.7 Autoliine
7 Föniks M-4-S 349.8 Autoliine
8 Koralen M-111-AV 334.2 Autoliine
9 Sjövær SF-6-A 317.1 Autoliine
10 Vestfisk M-33-G 298.3 Autoliine
11 Bergholm M-306-A 281.9 Autoliine
12 Grotle SF-88-B 256.3 Autoliine
13 Vonar M-88-SÖ 218.5 Autoliine
14 Vestkapp SF-6-S 211.1 Autoliine
15 Nyvoll Senior M-128-G 209.4 Autoliine
16 Valdimar H F-185-NK 200.4 Autoliine
17 Leinebris M-505-HÖ 194.3 Autoliine
18 Fröyanes Senior SF-14-S 182.6 Autoliine
19 Atlantic M-1-A 181.9 Autoliine
20 Rolf Asbjörn T-2-LK 171.5 Autoliine
21 O.Husby M-161-AV 143.3 Autoliine
22 Trygve B F-60-NK 143.2 Autoliine
23 Veiðar M-1-G 132.1 Autoliine
24 Einar N-31-Ö 125.4 Autoliine 14.94 meters long
25 Vassana F-3-TN 108.7 Autoliine Only 12.3 meters long
26 Ólafur II N-99-Ö 102.3 Autoliine
27 Eldorado M-12-S 94.2 Autoliine
28 Geir M-123-A 93.1 Autoliine
29 Loran M-12-G 79.3 Autoliine
30 Österfjord H-123-AV 78.1 Autoliine

Koralhav Pic Magnar Lyngstad

Vassana pic Siegfried Haase