Pelagic ship in Chile. Vesterveg.

We have been looking at pelagic ship in iceland, Norway and The Faroe Islands.

but if we go far away from Europe, and all the way to Chile in South America.

Chile is one of the big pelagic country's in the world .

and in Chile are many pelagic ship.

here is one ship

This name is Vesterveg

And was build in the year 1997. in Kopervik Slip AS in Norway.

First the ship had the name Conquest from UK, and 2006 it was sold to Norway and got the name Vesterveg.

2007 the ship was sold to Chile and is still there

Vesterveg is 60 meters long, 12 meters wide and 8 meters depth

is has Caterpillar engine and the engine is 7500 bhp

There are 9 RSW fishtanks in the ship and it can carry about 1400 tons 

In the UK and Norway the ship was using trawl as can been seen on pic here below but in Chile they have

change the back of the boat

Vesterveg in Chile Pic unknown

Vesterveg in Norway, pic Andreas Mogester