Pelagic ship Nyborg TG-773 got huge sea on the brigde

Working on fishing boats is hard and dangerous work,

The pelagic ship Nyborg TG-773 from the Faroe Islands where on the they way to fish mackerel and where sailing between the Faroe Islands and  Shetland islands 

when big sea came on the bridge on the ship.  the sea was so powerful that is broke 2 windows on starboard and the bridge on Nyborg got full of sea.  the sea went all the way to the roof of the bridge.   

Captain Martin Midfjord  on Nyborg went in the sea on the top of the devices in the bridge.    
1. mate on the ship was in the bridge and was sitting next to the windows, and he saw when this big sea came, and he tried to hied from it but couldn't do it and the sea came and threw him over the bridge, and he broke his arm on 2 places.  

all the devices in the bridge went out, and the sea went all the way down in the ship all the way down to the engine room.  

The engineer on Nyborg was quick thinking and he took all the electric of the ship off for not more damage .  the main engine went off, but the engineer could start it again,

With Nyborg where 2 trawlers sailing with them Eysturbúgvin and Austurbúgvin.   On Nyborg they would manage to get in contact with  Eysturbúgvin and captein of Eysturbúgvin ask for a helicopter to come and pick up 1.mate that was injured.  

Nýborg sail back to the Faroe Islands and Eystur og Austurbúgvin went with Nyborg until Vædderen and Brimill came and follow Nyborg back to Runavík where nýborg is now

this news is written up from föroyska sjomansniónin

Martin captein of Nyborg


Nyborg  Pic from Fleetmon