Ragnhild Kristine M-14-AK

Many boats in norway are up to 15 meters long

many of the new boats that are up to 15 meters long are usually 6 to 8 metere wide.

Here is one new boat.

This boat name is Ragnhild Kristine M-14-AK

the boat is own by ORTEN FISKERISELSKA  that is in Aukra.

Ragnhild Kristine  is 14,99 meters long and is 8 meters wide,  

boat is made of aluminum and was build in the year 2018

on board the boat is 625 hp engine.

Ragnhild Kristine M-14-AK has been fishing with gilnet and autoline.

om board the boat is autoline that takes 30.000 hooks

has been fishing pretty well

has landed 56,2 tons in just 5 trips, and most 18,8 tons in one trip.

this year  the boat has fish total of 543 tons and  of that is cod 368 tons.

Ragnhild Kristine pic Roger Solem

Pic Bjoern Hansen