Remöy M-99-HÖ set new record in shrimp fishing

It is not uncommon now for freezer trawlers from Iceland to be engaged in shrimp fishing, but there was a lot of this before the turn of the century,

only about 4 trawlers are fishing for shrimp off Iceland right now.

On the other hand, there are quite a few freezer trawlers in Norway that are on shrimp deep north of Svalbard.

the fishing there has been very good and recently a new catch record was set in the largest landed catch of shrimp in one landing from a trawler.

The trawler Remöy M-99-HÖ arrived in Tromsø about a week ago with a full ship of shrimp

A total of 930 tonnes of shrimp were landed from the trawler, which were caught in 33 days. that makes about 28 tons a day.

The trawler is fairly new and was built in 2016 and is 74 meters long and has an 8,000 horsepower engine.

Remöy is a very powerful trawler and pulls three trawls, for example.

their largest tow was 15.2 tons yet otherwise there was a lot of about 12 tons in a town, and the ship has 3 trawls

all the shrimp are whole frozen on board and then processed ashore.

It should be noted that now the trawler has landed about 2444 tons of shrimp in three trips

and the estimated catch value is around 55 to 60 million norsk kronas

that is about 5,4 million euros

ore 4,5 million pounds

Remöy Pic Eivind M Svik

Biggest , 15,2 tons of shrimp.  pic  Eirik Andersen Remøy.