Research LK-62

Here on Aflafrettir we have been writing news about fishing of the pelagic ship in Norway, Iceland and The Faroe Islands

But there are other country's that also have pelagic ship

like, Sweden,  Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and UK.

In UK is a company name Research Fishing Company Ltd.

and that company have own a pelagic ship that name is Research

The old ship was sold 2017 to The Faroe Islands and name is Borgarinn

The old ship was 78,3 meters long, 14,5 meters wide and has 10299 hp engine om board the ship

that ship was build 2003

in 2018 the company got a new pelagic ship that is name Research LK 62

and that ship is 79,8 meters long and 16,3 meters wide and has 9816 hp engine

The new ship have been fishing herring , blue whiting and mackerel, and newely Research

came to Norway with 1360 tons of herring in one trip.

Research Pic Sandy Mcmillian

Borgarinn this is old Research, Pic Ivan Reid