Ruth HG-264 with full load in Norway

Mackerel fishing in Iceland has been usually limited to the period from June to September,

with Denmark and southern Norway, there has been a pretty good and great mackerel fishing right now at the beginning of this year 2018

Although Denmark is not a big fishing country, they have a pretty big and powerful pelagic ship,

one of them is the Ruth HG-264 which is a brand new ship. was built in 2016 and is extremely large. almost 88 meters in length and 16.6 meters wide and measures 3720 tons.
The engine in Ruth is 6600 hp
Ruth is listed in Hirthals, Denmark,

Rederiet Ruth Ruth in Hirthals, Denmark, has made 3 ships, all of which have been named Ruth HG-264.

Ruth started in 2018 to catch macril and it went pretty well. The ship came to Egersund in southern Norway and landed 2,000 tonnes in one landing.

New Ruth Pic Jack Hoppe

Old Ruth HG-264  Pic Preben Michal Rönn Andersen

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