Saga K in Norway sold.

Now in 2019, there are many people from ICeland that own boats in Norway and are fishing all year round from Norway

but someone was number 1 in this case they can be said that the brothers Helgi and Hrafn Sigvaldasyndir along with Birni Sigurdsson in 2012 where the first

Hrafn, Helgi and Björn owned the company Esköy and started in 2008 to make boats and including one smaller boat called Saga K. the boat was damaged

when he got a breakwater with the consequence that it turned off the machine and all emergency responders on board.

the boat did not sink yet he was very badly damaged and was eventually sentenced to destruction,

this happened in December 2010.

Before that, the Esköy  Ástu B which was a 50-ton plastic boat constructed in Trefjum in Hafnarfjordur.

In the aftermath that Saga K was damaged and unused then a search for another boat was started and after a little search, a contract was made with Seiglu in Akureyri to build a new 14.9 meter boat

and the boat was named Saga K.

It is safe to say that the success and fishing of Saga K has been of great interest in Norway,

because this boat as well as the fishing form of the Icelandic companies in Esköy was something that the Norwegians did not know.

in the years when Saga K was made from Norway, the boat's catch was usually well over one thousand tonnes each year except now in 2019,

The boat's operation now in 2019 was somewhat smaller, because Esköy had Valdimar H in full operation, Valdimar H is 39 meters long autoline boat.

The boat Saga K  was then sold in October 2019 to another company that has some history in Norway,

it was sold to  Gamvik coastal fish that Haraldur Árni Haraldsson owns and operates,

he started when he bought Vilborg GK from Sandgerði and brought him to Norway where Vilborg GK got the name Austhavet, and was 10,99 meters long boat

Haraldur bought Saga K and today the boat is called Austhavet.

Austhavet before Saga K Pic Geir Vinnes