Sandfell SU with over 250 tons in one month

In Iceland now in oktober 2022, there was a good fishing for the autoline boats

all of them are fishing in ice. but most of the biggest autoline boats in Norway are freezing the fish

In Iceland are about 30 boats , that most of are made of plastic, and all of them are up tp 30 tons in size, and about 15 meters in length

in oktober 8 boats of these 30 tons boats, did manage to caught over 200 tons in oktober

Sandfell SU that is 30 ton boat,  was number 1. 

and this boat did caught total of 283,4 tons in 21 trips, 

that is about 13,5 tons in a trip, and biggest trip was 28,4 tons in one trip

most of these 283 tons was cod.  and on the boat are 2 crews.

one crew of 4 men is on the boat for 10 days, then take a holiday, and the next crew

takes over. and this means that Sandfell SU never have to stop, because they have 2 crews

but 283 tons on this small boat is huge fishing

Sandfell SU Pic Gísli Reynisson