Sara Karin T-20-L with full load

In Norway have many new boats been build for company's there.  and one of the boat that is almost new ig Sara Karin T-20-L

Sara Karin was build 2017 and is only 19,8 meters long and 9 meters wide.  is had 940 hk engine.

Sara Karin is manly fishing with seine but also fishing shrimp.

the boat has pretty good quota.  2500 tons in haddock and 447 tons of cod.

From 1. Jan the boat have fish around 680 tons. 

and the last trip that the boat did was full load.  ore 131,8 ton in one trip,

most of that was haddock ore around 95 tons.

All the fish on Sara Karin is frozen

Down here below you can see pics of the boat. one is with full load of fish and the other then the boat is empty 

Sara Karin with full load, piv sara karin

Sara Karin empty,  pic Liam Skelly