Seine boat Lub Senior from Netherlands.

Holland is a country that we all know but Holland is not big if you think about fishing

in 2018 total fishing boat boats from Holland ore Netherlands  was 370.000 tons.

Compare that with the UK.  In Uk was total fishing in the year 2018 702,000 tons.

and Iceland in the year 2018 was 1,1 million tons.  

and Norway in the year 2018 was total fishing 2,2 million tons.

Total fishing fleet in Holland are about 700 fishing vessel.

One of the boat that are fishing from Holland is seine boat Lub Senior UK-153.

This boat was build in the year 2010 and is 28,5 meters long and 9 meters wide

the boat has come to Norway with fish, and has total landed 101,3 tons in 5 trips, that is about 20,3 tons in trip

of this is cod 43,5 tons

Pic Ove Kristensen

Pic Srephane Poulain