Seine boat Rowenta N-666-VV in big fishing in august

In Norway are many boats that are fishing with seine,

one of the boats that are fishing with seine ir Rowenta N-666-VV

That boat is 34,25 meters long and 9 meters wide

build 1997 and has 1520 horsepower engine

This boat has big quota.   3356 tons of haddock Ýsa, and 865 tons of saithe (Ufsi ) and 559 tons of cod


Now in August the boat has been fishing well.

in total Rowenta has fish 589 tons in just 11 trips and that is 53 tons in trip.

Biggest trip in august was 92 tons in one trip and of that was 46,3 tons of saithe (ufsi)

of this 589 tons is 172 tons of haddock (ýsa)

187 tons of cod

Rowenta Pic Geir Vinnes