Selma Dröfn stranded in Norway.

There is quite a lot about former Icelandic boats and Icelandic owners who own boats in Norway

one of them is Haraldur Árni Haraldsson who owned the boat Selma Dröfn BA in Iceland.

In the year 2011, they then moved out to Norway with Selma Dröfn BA and named her Selma

today the company owns a boat that was built in England

The new boat has fishing well and did fish over 1000 tons in the year 2021.

this year the boat has caught around 632 tons.

On August 16, the boat was on land with catch and was on its way to Hammerfest when the boat ran aground on an island called Hjelmen.

The boat had come a long way off  to Hammerfest, and the cause of the boat's run aground is unknown.

possible failure, .

The Norwegian Coast Guard came to help the boat's crew, but it was on board Selma Dröfn, but the boat was already running aground.

when it flooded, the boat was pulled afloat and Oðinn from the Norwegian Coast Guard in Hammerfest then followed

Selma Dröfn to Hammerfest, but Selma Dröfn sailed there with her own engine power.

once there, a diver was sent down to inspect the damage.

no damage was visible and it saved that the boat's keel is made of steel, although the boat itself is made of fiberglass.

SElma Dröfn lay there in the rocks for about 7 hours and then sailed under her own engine power to Hammerfest, arriving there at half past four in the morning,

and went out about an hour ago. so it all went well.

Selma Dröfn pic NSSR in Norway

SElma Dröfn Pic Lewis Huddy