Serene LK 297, 7 trips to Norway

Many pelagic ship from UK have been coming to Norway this year 2020 with herring and mackerel

Here on Aflafrettir we have been writing about few of them

and here is one 

This ship is great looking red ship name Serene LK 297,  

This ship is pretty new.  was build in Karstensens skibsværft and finish in agust 2ö18. 

The ship is 82 meters long and 17,2 meter wite.

has 9655 bhp engine from MAN om board

The ship can carry almost 2900 tons of pelagic fish, 

In total Serene has been 7 times to Norway this year

with a total of 6964 tons

1483 tons of herring and 5479 tons of mackerel

Serene Pic Calum Gray

Gísli Reynisson 
Fífudalur 23
260 Reykjanesbær
IBAN IS83 0142 0500 1072 2008 7537 09