Ship Longdawn sail over 10 meters long boat in Iceland

Sandgerði in Iceland is one of the largest fishing harbors in the Iceland

 ,and many small boats that do handline fishing from Sandgerði.

Apart from Sandgerði, there is also a shipping route for cargo ships that sail to and from Reykjavík and the aluminium smelter in Straumsvík.

on the morning of May 16, a 8-ton plastic boat, called the Hadda HF, was on its way to fishing from Sandgerði 

and was fishing about 6 miles from the lighthouse on Garðskagi when the cargo ship Longdawn

 was on its way from Straumsvík, and on its way to the Netherlands, 

the ship that is 129 meters long and 17 meters wide sailed on the boat Hadda HF, and there was one person on board the boat.

Hadda HF is 9,95 meters long boat but Longdawn is 129 meters long ship

The boat Hadda HF capsized with the skipper on board, and another boat that was right next to it sailed to the Hadda HF and rescued the skipper.

The captain, who is 72 years old, owns the boat Hadda HF, but the ship Longdawn was ordered to sail to a port in Vestmannaeyjar

 and there one navigator  and the captain were arrested, for sailing away from a sailor in danger of life and sailing down the boat Hadda HF.

and when this is written these two men are in jail for the night

Pics Gísli Reynisson 

Hadda HF before the crach with Longdawn, Pic Einar Valgeir Arason

Damage on the front of Longdawn, Pic Óskar Pétur Friðriksson

Longdawn Pic Óskar Pétur Friðriksson

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