Shrimp boat Valur ÍS in huge fishing

In Iceland now this year in total there have been about 14 boats and trawlers that have been fishing shrimp

there are 2 trawlers that fish shrimp and both of them have fish about 170 tons each of shrimp this year,

but there is also a small boat call Valur ÍS , and Valur ÍS is the only boat in iceland that is fishing shrimp that is made of 


Valur IS has now fish total of about 215 tons of shrimp and he is fishing in the west of ICeland,

he came with full load some days ago, and was everything full on the boat,

in total there was 9,2 tons in the boat, and the day after the boat came with 8,2 tons

Valur ÍS was build 1975 and is 17 meters long and 27 tons in sice

Pics heimir tryggvason þari

pic arnaldur sævarsson