SKAGØYSUND T-23-T, over 3000 tons this year

Here on we have been looking at boats from many countrys but mostly from Norway

in Norway are well over 5000 boats og all size.

many boats that are under 40 meters long and they are often fishing with seine and ourse seine.

One of them is SKAGØYSUND T-23-T.  

This boat was build in Vaaglang Batbyggeri AS in Norway 2004.  

When the boat was build he was 28 meters long, but in 2009 the boat was send to Gdynia í Poland and was lengthened by 10,5 meters

today the boat is 38,05 meters long and 9 meters wide

SKAGØYSUND T-23-T has pretty big engine, has Mitsubishi 1414BHP engine

The boats has 300 m3 RSW tanks and has crew of 8 people.

Fishing year 2020

 This year 2020 the boat has been fishing pretty good,

in total SKAGØYSUND T-23-T has landed 3488,5 tons in 36 trips.  that is about 96,9 tons in a trip

Most of the fishing that SKAGØYSUND T-23-T has landed is herring about 1959 tons.

Ald the boat has fish 700 tons of cod and 800 tons of  saithe

SKAGØYSUND T-23-T pic Magnar Lyngstad