Skolmen N-25-VV with 586 tons in march

In Norway there are many boats that are fishing with seine, but also they are fishing 

capelin and herring.  Now  in March one of these boats did fish pretty good 

Skolmen N-25-VV went in total of 16 trips and did caught in total 587 tons

that is about 36,7 tons in a trip

of this there was 164  tons of saithe

158 tons of hyse

243 tons of cod

two of the biggest fishing trips for SKolmen now in March, where both about 93,5 tons in one trip

all of this fish is keep in the fish cargo hall in icel cold sea, and then pumpt up from the boat and but in fish tubes

and there the fish is cut,  unlike in Iceland, where the fish is cut on the boats and put into fish tube on the boats

before this the boat Skolmen was fishing herring and capelin. 

Skolmen Pic from there FB page

Fish from the boat pumpt up from the boat and put in fish tubes

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