Sleipnir ÁR small boat with full load

28.february was finaly good weather and many boats that went out to sea where fisihing big

for example Kári SH that is 11 tons boat came tin 9.9 tons in one trip.  Guðrún Petrína GK that is 11 tons boat  came with 9,9 tons in one trip and later same day with 4,5 tons 

But Sleipnir ÁR from Þorákshöfn is only 8,8 tons in size had a huge trip,

Stefán hauksson and his son Erlendur Ágúst they went out with just 24 stamps and on that they got the boat fully loaded

came to Þorlákshöfn with 11,2 tons and that is 450 kilos per stamp

But wet the fish was total 12,4 tons,

The boat was built 2005 and this is most fishing the boat has had since he was build 

Sleipnir ÁR with full load Pic Dagný Erlendsdóttir