Slettholmen N-118-L with over 600 tons in july

Many boats in Norway are fishing with seine, and most of them come with the fish fresh in tanks 

and the fish is pump up from the boats into a fish processing.

Now in July one of the seine boats in Norway that has been fishing pretty well is

Slettholmen N-118-L.

Slettholmen is build 2007 and has 1521 hp engine.   the boat is 35,4  meters long and 9,2 meters wide

Over 9000 tons
The boat has good quota,  total of 9498 tons, and of that is haddock 4131 tons, and saithe 1752 tons,

 Big fishing in July
Now in July Slettholmen N-118-L has landed total of 674 tons in just 5 trips

most 192,6 tons in one trip and the next trip was 149,9 tons.

all of this 674 tons that Slettholmen has fish in july is all saithe ore Sei as it is in norsk

Slettholmen Pic Hugo Lohre

Slettholmen Pic Geir Vinnes