Sólberg ÓF from Iceland with over 10.000 tons

In Iceland are not  many Freezer trawlers, they are only 13

and all of the work the fish in fillets,   

Now in Iceland 3 trawlers have fish over 7000 tons,

and the newest freezer trawler in Iceland and the biggest one is Sólberg ÓF

Sólberg ÓF was build 2017, and is 80 meters long amd 15,4 meters wide.

Now the trawler have fish over 10.000 tons this year 2020.

in total 10156 tons,

The trawler have fish this in 8 trips and that is 1269 tons in a trips

Total Value is about 3,8 milljarðar íslenskra króna,

That is about 23,4 million eurors

21,4 million pounds

and 260,9 million norsk kronas

Sólberg Pic Guðmundur St Valdimarsson