Sólberg ÓF highest in Iceland 2019.

In Iceland there are total of 12 freezer trawlers.

and all of them are working the fish in fish fillets.

Now the total value for the Icelandic freezer trawlers was in total of 213,8million pounds.

In Norsk kronas that is about 2,6 billion norsk kronas

The newest freezer trawler in Iceland is Sólberg ÓF 

he was number one both in fishing and also in value

Sólberg ÓF fish total of 13918 tons,

and for that the value was total of 31,6 million pounds.,

in Norsk kronas the total value was 379 million norsk kronas

Sólberg ÓF was built 2017.

and is 80 meters long and 15,4 meters wide

it  has 6310 hp engine 

Sólberg ÓF pic Haukur Sigtryggur Valdimarsson