Sólberg ÓF with well over 1500 tons in one trip.

Fishing in the Barnets sea  has often been quite good in one hand. although there is about 4 days of sailing from Iceland  and thus a total of 8 days sailing back and forth from Iceland,

The freezer trawlers that have been fishing in the Barnets sea have often come full load and well over 1000 tonnes in one landing,

Iceland's biggest freezer trawler is, , Sólberg ÓF.  Sólberg was build in the year 2017 and is 80 meters long and 15,4 m wide.

has 6310 hk engine from Wartsila.  Sólberg ÓF  went to fish in the Barnets sea

it is safe to say that the tour went well with them at Sólbergi ÓF,

in total the ship was with  1908.4 tonnes were landed from the ship and 1711 tonnes was cod.

the tour took a total of 38 days and of that 8 days were sailing,

This means that the fishing days were 30 and therefore the catch was 63.6 tonnes per day which is quite good.

The catch value of the ship from this big tour is about 700 million ISK.

This is 4,47 million Euros

This is 50,61 million Norsk krona

this is 3,88 million pounds

Sólberg ÓF pic Guðmundur St Valdimarsson