Stamsundværing N-72-VV with full boat of fish

Fishing no from 1.january of the boats that have been fishing with gillnet in Norway has been pretty good

many boats are fishing with gillnet and many of them are under 11 meters long.  

quite a few boats are around 14.99 meters long and one of them is Stamsundværing N-72-VV which was built in 2001.

, the boat has fished 651 tons since January 1st and in 3 times the boats has come with more than 20 tons in one trip

 on April 17th STamsundværing came completely full of fish mostly cod.  

because then the boat brought ashore 29.2 tons which were caught in 4 gillnet lines.

this trip took just 6 hours

as can be seen in the pictures, the boat was completely soaked and full of fish,

the second largest trip by boat is 22.4 tons in one landing

This April, the boat has landed a total of 287 tons in 22 trups or 13.1 tons in a trip

Pics asgeir hoddevik