Sunderöy new freezer trawler to Norway.

Norwegians are quite diligent in renewing their ships,

A few days ago, a new freezer trawler was delivered to the company Prestfjord AS in Norway at the shipyard Gondan in Spain,

Pestfjord AS  was founded in 1972 and today produces 4 freezer trawlers. Prestfjord. Hölmöy, Langöy and Sunderöy, about 180 people work for the company.

Old Sunderöy
The current Sunderöy was built in Spain in 2004 and is built in the same station as the new trawler also called Sunderöy.

Old  Sunderöy is 56.2 meters long and 14 meters wide and has a 6000 horsepower engine made by Bergen. train capacity of 740 m3,

 The new trawler.
the new trawler is much larger or 77.3 meters long and 17 meters wide,

The engine in it is huge or 9700 horsepower and is also Bergen,

the cargo space in the ship is 2250 m3

The new trawler has 350 kilowatt batteries that will be used when the ship is sailing on slow speed,  even then the ship can run on electricity.

There are cabins on board for 29 people in the ship,

The design of the ship was started in 2017 and the ship is specially supported for sailing in ice and has a DNV classification regarding ice sailing

the new ship costs around ISK 5.9 billion, icelandic kronas

that is about 400 million norsk 

35,9 million euros

32,4 million pounds

Pic Christan Lockert Andreassen

Pics Prestfjord As