Svanesund Ö-19-F

In Norway there are many trawlers, and here on we can see list of the trawlers and how they are fishing

but not all the trawlers ore boats that are fishing with trawl are big 

many small boats that are under 11 meters long are fishing shrimp with trawl

one of them is Svanesund Ö-19-F

This boat is 10.99 meters long and was build in the year 2004, it has 240 bhp engine

this year the boat has been is many trips.

total of 67 trips

and has fish total of 18,8 tons, that mean 280 kilos per trip

Biggest fishing trips are 810 kilos and 896 kilos in one trip

The boats is fishing not in the north of norway like most of the boats are fishing,

but Svanesund is fishing in the South of Norway in Hvaler i Iviken.  

Svanesund Pic Bandholm Skibsbilleder