Taresund from Norway

In Norway are many boats that , well they dont fish.

in stead they take kelp from the sea and that is put to land and dry and work 

One of the boats that do this Kelp ore Tare is this boat

This boat name is Taresund and was build in the year 2017 in Hellesöy Verft AS in Norway

The boat is 17,17 meters long

8,9 meters wide

and 4,5 meters depth

is has pretty big engine ore 1000 BHP of Caterpillar,

Cargo capacity is 237  m3

Here are 2 pics of this boat. on when the boat is empty and other pic of the boat when it is full of Kelp ore Tare

Pic Guðmundur

Pic Harald Fiskaaen