Tareviking with over 800 tons of Kelp (Stortare)

Both in Iceland and in Norway are boats that go out to sea

and come in land with well.  not fish

but come with  what is call in Icelandic Þari

but in English this is Kelp ore Stortare in Norsk
One of the boats in Norway that have been coming with Kelp to land

is boat Tareviking,  now in august the boat have come with total of 813 tons, and most 71 tons in one trip

Tareviking is 14 meters long and 8 meters wide

In the last 25 trips Tareviking have come with total of 1574 tons of Kelp to Norway

Tareviking Pic Frode Martin Kristoffersen

Tareviking Pic Geir Vinnes